Father's Day Gifts for All Kinds...

There’s a reason gift-giving is a quintessential love language. The act of picking out the perfect present, something totally singular, cool and curated specially for its recipient, can be the purest expression of gratitude. A way to say, “I see you, I love you, and I honor who you are.” Scouring the internet for potential Father’s Day gifts reveals a lot about our shared social understanding of what it means to be a dad. The items and images our culture associates with the concept of Dad Appreciation often perpetuate the same homogenous (read: boring) archetypes for who a family man is and what he should enjoy: a blur of barbecue tools, baseball caps, golf clubs and leather wallets galore. But we understand that every dad is unique, and their interests extend beyond those of a prototypical father figure. Just like there are all kinds of people that step up and fulfill the Father role, and broaden and diversify its meaning, (stepdads, relatives, mentors, even single moms), there are all kinds of gifts to celebrate your loved one’s individuality. This year skip the “World’s Best Dad Mugs” (even if he is), and search for something a little more personal. Here, recommendations for some of our favorite kinds of dads...


He’s the Masterchef of the house. The resident researcher for the most popping restaurant pop-ups. The reigning cocktail king. If Food Network was prime programming in your childhood home and the kitchen is his domain, these offerings are sure to thrill.


Dads deserve their me-time. For home-spa enthusiasts in pursuit of the perfect candle to complete their collection or the ones dedicated to their daily mediation practice, these gifts will delight fathers who take personal maintenance seriously.


The puzzle nuts and foosball fanatics. The ones who turned the basement into a fun house or arcade, or bonded with you over boardgames. Give him a gift you can enjoy together.


For the dads who taught the importance of ironing, who pulled up to parent teacher conferences in the flyest fits or ensured your dorm room was actually well-decorated, these presents reign supreme. For the style gods.


Power to the plant papas. If he’s famous for his green thumb and prefers the open air of the garden to the seclusion of a man-cave, these offerings will allow him to connect with Mother Earth and engage with nature to his heart’s content.


Some dads are tidy, efficient and love to plan. What’s more reassuring than a fatherly “I can do anything” attitude? Nothing, we say. If he’s a Kondo stan, a handyman, or simply all about his business, these are the orderly gifts for him.

Words by Kai Williams