Going out’s great, but sometimes you want to bring the party home. Trick out, style, and raise the bar: become the host with the most, the cocktail maestro of your domain, or simply make boozing at home a little more swank. A few bottles of the good stuff are a necessary start, but if you really want to hunker down with a stiff one in style, follow these tips for stocking the perfect home bar.

First, the bar itself. For this you can use a cart on wheels, a side table, a console, or any number of surface and/or storage configurations. With a little imagination and creativity you can make almost anything work.


Shakers, spoons, rad ice cubes and some mixing glasses are all key. Need direction on how to make a delicious drink? Sorry, you’ll have to explore YouTube or TikTok for that. They’ll probably all suggest you start with some of these:


Just as a painter needs the perfect canvas, a mixologist needs the right glassware to showcase their liquid creations. You’ve got options, and while there are plenty of rules, rules are meant to be broken. If you want to sip mezcal out of a champagne glass, just do it.

Martini and Wine Glasses: Classic and sophisticated, stemless or stemmed, these elegant vessels are the workhorses of any good home bar. A must-have for serving wine, martinis, cosmos, or any shaken or stirred delight that deserves something more than your water glass or a Ball jar.


Highball and Collins Glasses: Tall and versatile, these glasses are perfect for refreshingcocktails like mojitos, Tom Collins, or your favorite mixed-drink creations. Think, sleek and refreshing. Vodka crans or Palomas, G&Ts all day.


Rocks Glasses: For that brown and other spirits best enjoyed on the rocks, dedicated stubby and sturdy glasses are a must. Serve up your finest whiskeys, scotches, or even some creatively crafted cocktails over ice in these vessels.


Champagne Flutes: Toast to life's celebratory moments and don’t disrespect your champers by decanting into a cup. Slender or coupe styles showcase the effervescence and elegance of sparkling wines.


Shot Glasses: When it's time to let loose and unleash your most embarrassing self, shot glasses are there to help you ratchet it up a notch. Line ‘em up and toss ‘em back.

Don’t forget cute napkins, coasters and other drink friendly accessories like carafes and canteens. Mixology Swag 101? Have fun with it.