After surviving two years of social isolation, we’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for the art of gathering. And what better way to (safely) bring folks together than over an elaborate snack spread? The #grazingtable and #charcuterieboard trends are still going strong, and we can’t get enough of the creative responses that flood social media across all platforms. Swirling salami roses, hearts shaped from apple slices, pistachio piles, sloped hills of garlic butter, a diversity of cheeses, oh, and don’t forget the sparkling wine or crisp rosé on the side.

These spreads represent abundance, even opulence - the simple luxury of picking and choosing amongst piles of goodies makes people feel like all their wants are met.With good taste and a firm budget (shoutout Trader Joe’s for keeping it cheap) you can turn any table into an inviting edible landscape. Plus, providing guests with plentiful arrays of sweet and savory treats is an excellent way to assume the title of reigning Host in your friend group. Of course, charcuterie boards don’t require party guests, they make a fine and filling dinner to complement a relaxing evening in. We’ve curated a selection of items to help get your smorgasbord up to snuff, so you can serve in style.