Pride as we know it began as an activist-led one year anniversary celebration of the Stonewall Uprising in NYC’s GreenwichVillage in 1970. Many cities followed suit, and to the organizers' surprise, each event attracted thousands of participants and laid the foundation for what would become an annual affair - first Pride Week, and eventually Pride Month when it was officially recognized by President Bill Clinton in 1999. For more than fifty years Pride parades, gatherings and events have been about confidence, expression, visibility, joy and love to surround, affirm, provide space for and uplift the LGBTQ+ community. These celebrations have also, always, been an expression of activism and solidarity, and in our fraught American political climate we need that energy now more than ever. This Pride month, we’re celebrating as loudly and as confidently as we can, going to all the parties, staying well and proudly in our joy, whenever and wherever we can. Hit the streets, raise a glass, love your neighbors, and take gentle care. Happy Pride. Love is love.