Lunar or Chinese New Year is upon us, falling on January 22, 2023 when a new moon rises over Asia. A marked change from 2022’s Water Tiger, 2023 ushers in the Water Rabbit whose big clam vibes shouldn’t be mistaken for dumb or slow. The Tiger’s rushing river turns glass-like, serene, giving self-care and relaxation, sure. But the rabbit is agile, quick, smart, likes to be on the move and the year ahead won’t let you forget it. Astrologers say adaptability, care, compassion, fluidity, softened schedules, strengthened bonds, and hope are on the horizon – and we really like the sound of that. Hop to it and get ready for a fresh start this Lunar New Year: outfit your space with auspicious red and gold, prepare a feast, sweep out the old and usher in the new. 新年快乐!