What can't Harry do? He's a favorite face and longtime lad-about-town of the New York downtown scene, an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and director whose work spans photography, filmmaking, music, design, and performance. He's made videos and images for Supreme, Selena Gomez, Kathleen Hanna, Cam'ron, and more, creates visual art and lends design help to brands, had his own clothing label called Peg Leg (IYKYK), performed music as That Work, and makes special items for the home in limited quantity and release when the vision, urge and passion presents itself.


Patience is the greatest virtue of all. Just wait. You'll see. Bide your time. What will be, will be. Let the chips fall where they may. Trust the process. Let it be. Your moment of truth awaits, but there's no time like the present. Clear away uncertainty, the wishy-washy, flip-flopping mentality of doubt and trust yourself, the process, and lean into the unknown. Here, a perfect reminder to chiiiillllll and to let things run their course in an analog stunner that stylishly declares with each passing moment: "Time Will Tell". Time after time, all truths will be revealed. Tick tock.