The whole Barbie movie has us, like everyone else, totally gobsmacked by Gerwig’s smarts, gaga for Robie and Gosling, oohing and aahing at those insanely beautiful outfits (Chanel!) and pitch perfect sets (no CGI!), re-obsessed with “Closer To Fine,” and just generally pleased with any opportunity to wear, consume, and surround ourselves with more of the color pink. Obviously we loved the bang on male stereotyping, because, well, yes we’ve had to sit through painful guitar dittys and nod along. Among other things. But what really got us about the Barbie movie was that emotional montage meant to drive the bigger message home, the visual ride to usher doll into womanhood, a collage of home video - all submitted by the production’s cast and crew members. It’s what we imagine we might see as we leave the living realm – the people we love, smiling faces, family, dancing, and dappled sunlight through the branches of trees – the things that make us feel warm, alive. A dream house becomes real when it’s filled to the brim with the good stuff: mostly the love that makes us human. If you want to deck it out in fantastic-plastic, feminine styles or shades of pink as rich as our insides, go for it.