“I wanted to make something that was very experiential—something that was like a liquid narrative, with micro scenes, like something you’d see in electronic music. I thought of it like loop-based music, where you’d have certain things that would repeat, and come back—refrains. I always thought about the movie more in terms of a very physical music experience—something bombastic, with images and sounds falling from the sky. It’s all about pictures, and images, and textures, and the way things look and feel. I’m just constantly obsessed with that and trying to find new techniques and new ways to make movies. I’ve been interested in that ever since I was a kid. So, how do you take something out of being just a film and make it more inexplicable, and transcendent? A lot of that comes from experimenting, which is why I do a lot of short films—they inform what I do in longer form. So, I don’t know. I’ll think I’ll just keep messing around and trying new shit.”

                                                – Harmony Korine on “Spring Breakers” in Slant magazine, 2013