We sure are glad that Jesse Hamerman tapped into his Beginner's Mind in March of 2021 and returned to clay after twenty years of working on production for other people's large-scale sculptures and structures. Practitioners of Zen call the Beginner's Mind "Shoshin," meaning to be open and eager, with a lack of preconception no matter how good you are at something. Jesse's wholly unique, instantly appealing ceramic work is a testament to starting from square one, and diving headfirst into your passion.


The Greeks, Romans, and Chinese turned out vessels in the amphora (two-handled) style way back in the BCs and it's pretty safe to say the silhouette is iconic. But none have done it like this. Sweeping, romantic handles of extruded clay make this vase a true stunner that's giving the big graphic, heart energy, and something totally new and fresh. Maybe a 3D model of/love letter to the uterus made on a particularly amazing mushroom trip? Grab a bunch of fresh anything - roses, lilies, carnations, or peonies - and get ahold of this. Take your tablescape or mantle to new heights.


Utterly eye-catching and resembles an art piece that belongs in a museum as much as on the table or shelf.

  Featuring a tall and curvaceous body and coiled handles that add a heart-like element to the overall shape, the wheel-thrown ceramic vase is cast in Lemon Cream color and boasts a satiny finish.