Behind every product - at least all of the products that we sell here on Afternoon Light - are people who work insanely hard, really care about what they do, and have architected their lives to prioritize the production of work that is an extension of their passions, inspirations, and ideals. The beautiful stuff we sell isn't designed by AI, made by robots or exploited labor forces. It's not knocked off, copied or watered down. Everything is considered, and made with the blood, sweat, and tears of incredible people that we call community. From sketched ideas to packaging and wrapping orders for fulfillment, these products come to you as a labor of love. Independent companies start as dreams and ideas by founders, but purchasing from them has a ripple effect that creates a wonderful web of meaningful commerce rooted in creativity that touches many people, often cross-continent. Last week we went to Shoppe Object, the best tradeshow in the world (full disclosure: we're the co-founders), where we snapped pics of a handful of the friends and fam, creative bosses, dreamers, and all around great people we call brand partners. Seriously, how cute are they?