Did you know that glass is said to be neither a solid nor a liquid? The material is typically classified as an “amorphous solid,” existing in a state in between those two properties of matter. Okay, so this tricky little paradox is actually pretty contested in the scientific community, but whether fact or fiction, we think it’s a beautiful idea. The liminal nature of glass is clear even to the naked eye, it’s a material that simply looks fluid, continuously in motion, and that shifts in the light (especially when color is involved). The almost alchemical process of glass-blowing is often referred to as a dance between artisan and craft, as the quickly changing form of glass requires constant movement and interaction. When you stop to ponder it, every piece of glass we own - from mundane mason jars to heirloom costume jewelry, from functional lenses to ornamental lampshades, for drinking or decorative purposes - is a little bit magical, created by an act of transformation and perpetually in transition.

Words: Kai Williams