We made it to Spring – the Vernal Equinox on 3/19 and the unofficial start of the season in Daylight Savings, the much debated turning of the clock that saw us losing an hour, making that first Monday’s wake up pretty brutal. Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time at all, did you know? Should the rest of the country be on this wave? Lots of petitions to sign and persuasive arguments here, should you feel inclined to get into it.

Rough mornings aside, “springing forward” means protracted afternoons and warm weather await. It means more Afternoon Light and with that comes a little more time to stop at the bakery and cook dinner, to meander home with the kids after school, to walk or sit outside, to meet friends post work without the literal and figurative dark scurrying of the winter months. More Afternoon Light brings a sense of freedom. Everything just looks and feels better. We like it a lot, if you couldn’t guess.

As winter wanes and the earth softens to accommodate the pushing through of new plant life, we’re in the mood to surround ourselves with blushing hues of the cherry blossoms we’re just starting to see, bleeding ombrés, and citrus shades as rich and varied as the solar rings and rays that stretch across the sky each evening. Three cheers to chasing sunsets and saving daylight. Bask in that Afternoon Light.