Will you be speeding down highways to make it in time for a trad turkey dinner and wholesome (or exhausting) family time on November 24th? Will you be inviting friends over for a big, rollicking Friendsgiving at your new place, with borrowed folding tables to accommodate everyone? Maybe you’ll be focused on the holiday’s more problematic origins and taking a mini vacation with your sweetheart to unplug and reset, and we’re all for that, but we’d wager that the vast majority of us are gearing up for a long weekend of indulgence at the table. This is the USA, after all. And we, like all other cultures in this world, love nothing more than coming together with the people we love to gather, gab, and groan over food. So let’s get down to it. A perfect Thanksgiving plate could be a festive color wheel of roasted veggies and complex stuffings, or a pale yet delicious swamp of sliced turkey’s breast bathed in gravy and surrounded by a moat of mash. No matter your epicurean pleasure, we’ve got all the stuff to make this Thanksgiving sing – from the very best for your table, to hostess gifts that spread good cheer. And we’ll circle back to gifts later, because Thanksgiving’s just the gateway drug for the full-on OD that is The Holidays. A prelude if you will, with arguably better side dishes. Cheers to you and yours, no matter your last-Thursday-in-November pleasure. And remember, give thanks while you gather – for every last little thing.