In an era where digital screens and smart devices have us in a full-blown chokehold, the simple act of adding an analog clock to your visual rotation provides a little pleasure that transcends technological trends. Yes, we know you can just glance at the smart little screen that’s always glued to your hand, that’s synced to the even littler screen that’s wrapped around your wrist, but let’s consider changing the pace. Lean into the charm and sophistication of gentle ticking hands sweeping across a handsome face to mark the passage of time the old school way. We’ve got classic and newfangled styles for the most elevated or casual interiors, that each offer a connection to a bygone era (ok, Boomer?) and a chance, maybe, just maybe, to leave your phone alone for a little bit. One’s even got a chirping bird. Get grounded in the present because all we have is now. Tick tock.