Vanity as a quality is supposed to be a bad thing (you probably think this song is about you) but pride in our appearance is always goals. Where better to admire our fair selves than at our vanities, where the whole point is to be vain, to feel beautiful? Vanities – whether a mirror above a sink or a control center in a whole kitted out dressing room – are sacred spaces. Here is where we can gaze at ourselves to our heart's content, with places to keep makeup, potions, lotions, pens and brushes, pads, puffs and stuff for getting ready to face the day or night. Accessories and jewels, bows and bobbies should live comfortably there too, sparkling in boxes, baskets, and trays, waiting at the ready to adorn us. Practice your winged liner and your ombre blush, take some time to carefully brush your hair, bust out the jade roller, pick at your skin or just stare into the mirror and ask yourself life’s big questions. Whatever your self-love style, surround yourself with elevated accessories - from catchalls, to photo frames, bowls and home fragrances, that complement your best qualities.