Jute Edge Area Rugs Nordic Knots Black 10' X 14'
Jute Edge Area Rugs Nordic Knots
Jute Edge Area Rugs Nordic Knots
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Jute Edge

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Plant power, activated! The Jute Edge rug is a staple from its collection and creates a beautiful foundation for any room. Equally rugged as it is minimalist, the rug is woven with strong all-natural plant fibers in a modern rustic design. They're crafted by hand, so each rug features characteristic variations and irregular details, which makes every single one unique! Especially good for lovers of neutrals and anyone looking to add a solid, natural element to interiors.

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care instructions

Make sure to unpack the rug soon after it’s delivered to minimize any creases or pressure marks from being folded or rolled up. The sooner you unpack, the sooner it will settle nicely on it’s new floor. Vacuum regularly but don’t overdo it. Too much vacuuming can wear down the knots and fibers more quickly. Using the wrong vacuum, too much power or the wrong vacuum attachments can damage the rug. Do not use a vacuum with a brush, a rotating motor-head or anything that can pull and damage the yarn. Vacuum on low-power and use the flat nozzle attachment, or setting. Only use a flat vacuum head or an upholstery attachment. For rugs with a pile (not flat woven), vacuum in the direction of the pile and lift the nozzle after every move. You can also turn the rug upside down and whip the backside gently so that dirt deep in the pile can come out but Do not shake or beat the rug. Pressure marks can arise from heavy furniture. If stains happen attend to them immediately. But never use harsh chemicals and avoid rubbing the stains and be careful not to use too much water. With dry stains, we recommend scraping with a blunt object like a tablespoon or a spatula and then vacuum clean the remains. Begin from the edge of the stain and scrape towards the centre. But be careful to not damage the rug fibers. For wet stains, promptly absorb as much as possible with a paper towel without adding water. If still needed, dab lightly with a clean undyed cloth, colorless detergent (soap or laundry detergent) and lukewarm water. Be careful not to wet the rug too much, as this can cause the rug to shrink and lose its shape. Never rub the stain, as that makes it more difficult to remove. Rubbing can also spread the stain, and can damage the fibres. Avoid bleach, harsh chemicals, or alkaline household products as it will discolor or damage wool. Use a professional carpet cleaning company if needed. Shedding – the shedding of fibers is normal with a new rug and should subside after a few weeks. Sprouting – if a single tuft extends beyond the carpets surface, simply cut it off. Do not pull it out. We recommend that you rotate your rug once in a while to get sunlight and wear on the rug more even over time. Pressure marks can arise from heavy furniture. Pile reverse or shading – this color change may occur in various parts of the carpet, caused by light being reflected in different ways as pile fibers are bent in different directions. This is characteristic of plush pile rugs and is normal."

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New Zealand Wool


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