Hawkins New York is like that friend who always picks the best bottle from a wine list, is an amazing driver, knows how to whip up a perfect meal and dessert, has an eclectic playlist ready for any occasion, can mysteriously fix or jimmy rig just about anything that’s broken, and dresses with a sense of style that money can’t buy. They borrow inspiration from every decade, aren’t rigid nor reckless, have a fondness for the classics but a way of making everything feel totally brand new. How do they do it? You’ll never know.

A more stylish home feels like a cinch when you incorporate Hawkins’ easy-to-love, not-so-basic everyday staples like linen and cotton waffle, solid, stripes, and checked textiles, streamlined glassware, wood and ceramic for the kitchen, bath, and beyond. Color, shape, feel, and style are always just right. Like your friend’s…everything. Smooth.