Since 2011 WeDoWood has been walking that talk and executing the lofty ambition of unifying Denmark's amazing design history and furniture manufacturing practices with strict principles of not putting any more pressure on the climate. Adhering to the tenants of a circular economy, WeDoWood upcycles, uses only environmentally responsible materials, keeps waste to a minimum, produces locally, and flat packs all its gorgeous, chemical free products to lucky homes around the world. They've won some design awards along they way too, and it's not hard to see why.


Tricky solitaire triangles with leapfrogging pegs, cribbage, Mastermind, and even mancala -actual gaming aside, what's the best thing about them? Not the keeping score, but simply the utterly satisfying, tactile nature of smooth wood and/or moveable pegs. Revisit those long tech-free afternoons of yesteryear, eliminate the competition and add this rack of adjustable pegs to any wall surface. It'll make staying tidy the most fun you've had in a while. Handy and handsome, ripe for customizing to your needs, it did not come to play.


This chic wall-mounted shelving unit allows you to store and display objects in style.

The Coat Frame is a sophisticated mounting system for coats, jackets and scarves, the perfect storage solution for your entryway.

The Loop Desk is a home office concept with timeless design, and provides an excellent space saving option for remote working.