Working from a former lightbulb factory in Long Island City, Queens (kismet!) Townsend Design offers intricate, wholly unique lighting designs to illuminate a wide range of spaces across many interior styles. Meticulous craftsmanship and uncommonly inspired designs have garnered the brand an impressive roster of awards and a notable clientele.



This is a light fixture that can work in a corner of any room but be warned, it's got big main character energy. And calling it light fixture seems insufficient; it's a sculpture, a major "piece" for your home, a statement maker in the most subtle and cool, offhanded way. With it's one, mysterious red bulb, loose, casual vibes, and devastating good looks, it's the James Dean of lights.


A truly beautiful statement light fixture for any room of the house, the String10 chandelier presents a minimalist strand of 10 globes, five different types and a single red to be exact. It provides a striking and dramatic accent to corners, hallways and more.

  Make a grand statement with Patrick Townsend's Stellar56 chandelier. Inspired by cosmic string theory, this fixture is created using tension and compression techniques.