If you long to be a plant parent but lack the necessary green thumb, don’t fear. Superflower is about as close to the real thing as they come. Founded in New York City by Nicole Bergen and Andrew Zuckerman, Superflower’s kaleidoscopic floral installations (perfect for large frames or used as wallpaper) are sure to inspire awe and creativity. Adorn your home with their beautiful blooms and watch your walls transform into botanic paradises.


Sweet Indica. We can buy weed at our local bodega now and smoke it anywhere we damn please, but our grownup schedules hardly allow us enough leisure time to be blitzed. Papering our walls with this pattern gives us a smiliar thrill, even when stone cold sober.


The Lotus pattern presents a swirling, almost parenthetical design with short shapes and curved lines.

The Rose pattern adorns walls with scattered handfuls of this classic favorite flower.

The Paradise pattern is comprised of star-like, scattered blossoms occurring in a variety of funky, vivid colors.