If you have a Shopify store, you can automatically sync products and order to your store.

To enable your Shopify platform to integrate with Jetti, you will need to do the following:

1.Provide your store name

  1. Enable a set of credentials
  2. Provide API Password

Please see the instructions below, and then email the store name and API password to Natalie Nielsen natalie@afternoonlight.com

Step 1. Provide Your Store Name

To find your store URL (e.g. dropship.myshopify.com), log in to your Shopify Admin and copy the first section of the URL as shown below into an email. That’s it! Please note, a common mistake is to send the actual URL of your website (e.g. my-brand.com).

Step 2. Enable Permissions. 

i) In Shopify, go to Apps > Manage private apps > Create private app

ii) Enter Afternoon Light as the name and partnersupport@afternoonlight.com as the email address.

iii) You are now ready to enable the correct permissions. Jetti will need access to "Orders" (set permission to Read and Write) and "Products" (set permission to Read). You willl need to enable "Inventory" (set permission to Read) if you want to sync cost prices, or to pull inventory from a specific location.

iv) Once the permissions have been enabled, click save > Create private app.

Step 3. Provide API Credentials

On the next page, you will see a set of API credentials. You need to copy the API password (NOT the key) and send to Natalie natalie@afternoonlight.com. See the image below.