Nanu is a group of three self-professed design nerds based in San Francisco who are dedicated to the intentional development of really cool, useful and purposeful things. They noticed that the very things in our homes meant to help us often created clutter with excessive features and tech. A pared-down, essential ethos (that doesn't skimp on fun) is the way forward for this bunch and we can't wait to see what they roll out next.


Eliot imagined Prufrock measuring his life in coffee spoons, but we've got a cooler method. Nudge is a tabletop tally counter for personal reflection. Big or small, track the wins, routines, and habits that matter to you. Miles on the treadmill? Cigs? Days clean? Times you cursed? Kisses in a week? Number of bleats from the neighbor's car alarm? Hours or minutes? Everything counts; the choice is yours.