Celebrating the beauty of handwoven textiles, Marks Krebs’ selection of intricately crafted rugs, runners, and pillows offer excellent options to adorn your floors. Made by weavers in Northern India, the rugs range from rustic neutrals with tactile feel and rugged textures to playful, color-blocked carpets that stand out in any room. With a unique personality and quality that comes with expert craftsmanship, the brand offers home textiles that appeal to all types of interior decorators.


There is much to be said for great detail and sunny days, but our focus here is on their opposites. Helen Frankenthaler came up with her signature Soak Stain painting technique of letting turpentine and diluted acrylic paint do their thing on unprimed canvas in the early 1950s, by way of self-professed "impatience and laziness." Those paintings added a new layer to the way we appreciate abstract art, allowing us to recall the beauty of a water stain on leather in much the same way we might envision a sweeping, epic landscape. Have you ever looked out of a water-streaked window onto an NYC skyline at night, or out to the ocean, in the middle of a rainstorm? There is nothing so beautiful as the force of liquid left to meander, blend, and blur. Reproduced in wool and cotton here, a happy accident to admire.


Attractive stripes of varying size across a spectrum of browns make this simple rug an elegant selection for your floors.


For lovers of neutrals who prefer a darker tone to creams, beiges and oatmeals, this stunning Charcoal runner is a study in grays.

Hand-woven in Northern India, the rug features a tight weave that makes it ideal for high traffic areas, and supporting chair feet or table legs.