Ian Love creates design items - from large scale to smaller furniture, and art pieces - from the earth's refuse, the most beautiful refuse of all. His work is a meditation about leaning into and trusting the intuitive process, skills he may have also honed in his earlier career as a musician. Making things from found wood has led Love to add other materials into the mix, like resin, stone, alabaster, and mixed-media flora. His constantly evolving, exploratory tip-to-root practice continues to take him on a joyride of creativity and lucky for us, a rollout of unconventionally beautiful finished goods.


No trees were harmed in the making of this beeble bobble little ghost of a stool, because each is carved from felled trees found on Long Island. Ian Love's "whole tree" approach to creating gorgeous finshed products for the home leaves no stone unturned, no stump ignored. We're so glad that his creative genius can set its sights on a lonely log and wrestle this fantastical, creature from our dreams out of it. An homage to the many stools from around the world that have supported in people in many ways and shapes since the 17th century, this one's in a league all its own.