Andreas Kofoed Sørensen and Hans Høite Augustenborg grew up together in a small village near Copenhagen and have turned a hobby project into a full-time mission to improve the indoor air quality in millions of homes, offices, and schools around the world. Simple, stylish, pared-down tech that's as clever and cute as it is effective? Sign us up. The whole family can pitch in to keep this little birdie happy, your bodies and spirits will thank you.


If we're being honest the bird gives us a little anxiety. We're city dwellers and known to let the ac rock a little too long without opening the windows because of sirens. If the bird's swinging low and hanging limp, indicative of stuffy or stale air, our competitive side will come out and we'll get hyper-fixated on "winning" and keeping our little friend happy and upright. We'll be super conscious about our environment, and more aware of the air we're breathing. Open the windows! Open the windows! Let the fresh air in! Oh...it's a win-win.