Airsign's website proudly states that the vacuum was just waiting to be redesigned, and we can't help but agree. A very necessary object in any home, we're so glad someone came along to pare it down to its high-performing essence and give it a beautiful form-meets-function makeover. Chic and powerful and made to exacting standards, this one's welcome to come out and play anytime. Airsign's just getting started, so watch this space.


We can't lie, you get to a certain age, and you...covet a fire-ass vacuum cleaner. Why? Because you need one and you want it to be cool, and, certain brands have equated this piece of household equipment with "good design" - but never like this. This is the one. Just look at it. You're drooling. Lustful. Feeling naughty. You know you're going to succumb to this feeling because you just can't help it. Yep, you're adulting hard.


A magic concoction to elevate your vacuuming ritual, the Carpet Elixir completely neutralizes odor in the home. Enhanced with a lavender scent and made from Sodium bicarbonate, the Elixir an be sprinkled over rugs before vacuuming to aid your clean-up process and ensure your textiles smell extra fresh.  

  These environmentally sustainable AirBags are eco-conscious game changers for the home. Made from nearly 100% biodegradable materials, the AirBags trap dust so you can keep your home clean without using plastic.