WHO: Paul Scharer and Fritz Haller
WHERE: Switzerland,
WHEN: 1963
WHAT: Credenza/Media Storage

Normally when you read “form follows function” it means you’re about to look at something that reminds you of an office in the worst way possible. But in 1963, with the help of the ball joint and the teamwork of Fritz Haller and Paul Sharer (the ‘S’ in USM), form followed function into this classic media cabinet (dare we say the media cabinet du jour) that’s been co-signed by creative directors, agencies, and that one wealthy friend you have that invites you out to dinner at insanely expensive restaurants on a Monday.

The entire USM Haller system is developed around the aforementioned ball joint, chrome-plated tubular steel, and sheet metal panels, making the system modular and flexible for almost any application. Not sure such a utilitarian design is suitable for your house? You know something that the MoMA and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum don’t? Plus the drop down doors lock with a twist of a coin (or key). Beyond this console, you could feasibly build towers and beds and a whole USM playground for the kids room if you’d like; but good luck picking a panel color (they’re all so goooood).

Words by John Moy
Images courtesy of USM Haller