An afternoon check-in with some of our friends - to see what they love and why.

Consultant to your favorite designer's favorite brands, in-demand model, longtime New Yorker turned recent Angeleno, the menswear god himself...it's Nick Wooster. Despite his dashing good looks and intimidatingly cool wardrobe, our dear friend Nick's the nicest guy around. Here's what his fave afternoon looks like and five items he's coveting from AL for his new, spacious West coast pad...

Name:  Nick Wooster

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Jobs:  Free Agent..always looking.

Best Afternoon:  Any weekday afternoon that I can take a nap. One of the great things about LA, all calls from Europe and the East Coast stop at 3:00pm! It’s the perfect time to unplug.  


3:35 PM.

"I moved from NY to LA last May, and I have never had this much space as an adult. But my living room is my favorite room of all.”