An afternoon check-in with some of our friends - to see what they love and why.

Cool girl, wife and mother, storyteller, executive, collaborator, maker, designer, producer, hustler, visionary, fit giantess, gracious hostess, wisecracking good time, go-getter, best dressed, ally, mentor. How else can we label or define our friend Erin Magee? Impossible - she’s mutlifaceted af, über talented and one of the hardest working women we know. Her day job (18 years at Supreme overseeing more collabs and collections than is imaginable) side hustle (MadeMe, the strictly-for-the-ladies fashion brand she launched in 2007) and perfect family (wife Nicole and two gorgeous babies) say it all. Erin shared her selects from Afternoon Light, all almost as stylish as she is.

Name: Erin Magee

Location: New York, NY

Jobs: Mom, Vice President of Design and Development at Supreme, Founder of MadeMe

Favorite Room: Music listening room in our Woodstock, NY home.


4:16 PM.

Perfect Afternoon:

"Not in the office.

Enjoying the city with my family."