The progression of abstract painting, which began more than 100 years ago and has been evolving from practices around the world and ever-changing since then, may not have begun with Whistler’s loose clouds or Kandinsky’s famous watercolors, as your Art History 101 class might have you believe. We’ll have to throw the Swedish painter Hilma Af Klint into the ring, for making abstract, spirit-speaking work as far back as 1906 of course, but also consider the millions of craftspeople who have been creating decorative work in the form of shapes and patterns for thousands of years. Shouldn't we? Non-representational explorations into color and form on flat surfaces is a practice of seeking purity, to encounter the unknown, or maybe just to feel something. “The emotion of beauty,” said Piet Mondrian, “is always obscured by the appearance of the object. Therefore, the object must be eliminated from the picture." Whether considering different perspectives like the Cubists, challenging traditional thought or society like the Dadaists, or delving deep into endless variations and combinations of color like Albers, Rothko, or Newman, abstract art can be a portal for self-reflection and expansion. Consider these pieces a mirror. What do you see? Or get jazzy with it and play on, following Kandinsky’s musing that, "color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings."

From the Guggenheim to LACMA and everything in between, 1000Museums works with the most respected museums in the world to create the highest-quality, museum approved, made-to-order reproductions of fine art in the world. Print masters are inspected by each museum to ensure that they match the art that is actually in their collections. Luxe, pigmented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink with a color permanence rating of at least 200 years is deployed across 100% acid-free cotton fine art paper via the most advanced Epson printers. Each print is then flipped to the frame shop at 1000Museums that utilizes premium wood for the building of each custom frame, coupled with precision-cut acid-free mat boards, and UV-blocking semi-gloss plexiglass to protect the work from the sun, dust, pollution, heat, and humidity. Finishing touches like wall hanging mounts, wall friendly bumpers, and a protective backing make hanging a breeze.

We’re honored to present a range of high vibe, abstract selections from a range of museums and painters we love in partnership with 1000Museums. Hang them high and tell us what song your soul begins to play.