Stoops is a Bronx-based furniture design studio run by Bechara Maalouf. Stoops' focus is breathing new life into scrap wood collected from neighboring fabrication shops. With products inspired by the idea that there is more to furniture than utility, the brand's on a mission to create objects that spark speculation, curiosity, and interaction. Motivated by sustainability, Maalouf is trying to change the way we approach buying furniture with an emphasis on story, provenance, and intention.


This one's got so much personality. Ready to welcome your butt or your feet, to hold a stack of books or a tiny lamp, the base of this little cutie look like a figure saying proudly with an assured stance and outstretched arms, "I've got you!" In a host of colors, Stoop Stools are made on a CNC machine, and flip repurposed Baltic birch into vibrant, practical pieces of accent furniture. Compact form and intelligent design make it a handy addition to any room. An entirely press-fit assembly, it ships flat with no tools required for assembly.