Cambridge, MA-based Haus makes beautiful, customizable play equipment that fosters creativity and open-ended exploration for kids. Designer Janos Stone has family roots in the Bauhaus movement, and his Haus products - flat-packed, washable, and all clean lines - show it. The little playhouses look as good as fun and are sure to be adored by family members of all ages, though maybe for different reasons.


You're a little squirrel living in a chimney. You're a king in his castle. A baker in her kitchen. An astronaut in a ship. A baby bear in a cozy cave. A gnome in a tree stump or a millionaire in a mansion. Choose your fighter, kids. And have a blast in whatever form and be surrounded by wherever your imagination may take you. Or just sit there for a while watching your iPad quietly, so mommy can work (she's lying down in there after you've gone to bed FYI). And don't forget to dream.