In Somerville, MA - Boston and Cambridge adjacent and birthplace of Marshmallow Fluff - lies the For The Record studio where the indie lifestyle brand hosts hands-on creative workshops for locals and turns out some of the most loveable, sculptural candles we've seen in a while. Inspired by leisure, recreation, and community - we're digging the vibes heavily.


We love a fancy $8 Earl Grey or wild strawberry scoop, a gelato creation formed into a delicate flower, or even a Pinkberry moment as much as the next urban-dwelling dweeb, but nothing hits like a classic soft serve cone. Especially when it's served out of a half-broken down hoopty truck playing our favorite haunting tune (you know the one) by a friendly guy who's seen it all. We're talking Mister Softee all the way. Best enjoyed in a park, on a bench, melting so quickly you have to lick at the speed of light. Or in the form of this rad candle that smells like the real thing and will last a lot longer.


A little wonky, a little melty, but still smiling through every burn.