Personal, portable cutlery with its own dishwasher. The good stuff too - meaning a pleasure to use and intentionally created in the nicest, stackable, storable stainless steel. Perfect for stashing in your desk, glove box in the car, or for throwing in your everyday tote. We're grateful to Cliffset who thought of everything when designing this perfect system for clean eating, making it easier to just say no to odious disposable plastics where we can.


We are endlessly jealous of the French way of eating - no shitty processed snacks plus proper, delicious and fat-filled, lingering sit-down meals in restaurants with a ciggie to finish it all off. You can barely get a coffee to go in France because eating on the street or while you're rushing around just isn't...chic. But like Childish G sang, "This Is America". And if there's one thing about us, we WILL be eating takeout while hunched over our desks, shoving salad in our faces at the park, and we're into meal prepping for weight loss and bringing our sad little bentos to the office to save money. Whether for your Chipotle bowl or your perfectly baked, homemade salmon, give a hard pass to plastic utensils and use this set to make eating on the go as elegant as possible. Oui.